Dear Participants,


It is increasingly observed that the interdisciplinary studies attribute gradually more importance to the young population who are the guarentee of countries’ futures, related to their own fields emphasizing the solutions to the problems of chiefly their educational lives and to the all sorts throughout their personal developments.


For the purpose of sharing the works and their results about the Youth Researches, “II. International Youth Research Congress” is to be arranged in Fethiye, Muğla between 25-29 October 2017 with the cooperation of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Marmaris Tourism Vocational School and Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University’s Implementation and Research Center of Youth Works.


The Congress’ topics have been pointed out comprehensively and it has been aimed that each researcher working in the field of Youth Works would be able to present his or her researches/works.


We would be pleased to see all our academicians, researchers and students working in the Youth Works in our Congress and greet you all with our kind regards.


I kindly request that the related units of our University be informed about the Congress.                                                                                                           

Dr. Zekeriya BİNGÖL 

President of the Organizing Committee




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